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Are you frustrated because you invested in an expensive DSLR camera but feel like your point-and-shoot or smartphone get better results? Do you want to learn how to use your camera more? Do you hope to gain a new confidence with your camera settings? Would you love to capture the story of your family's special moments with creativity? If you answered, "yes" to any of these questions, this workshop is for YOU! Check out my new workshop options!


I am proud to have joined forces with internationally acclaimed photographer Me Ra Koh to teach women how to use their cameras!  We are on a mission to empower moms in capturing photos that tell the stories of the ones they love. I am honored to be one of the certified and mentored CONFIDENCE teachers, and ambassadors of the Me Ra Koh brand.

I am now offering two types of classes throughout the year right here in Dallas/Fort Worth, as well as locations across the US.

Budding CONFIDENCE, a half day workshop for the beginner who wants a few hours of creative inspiration and mentoring with a point and shoot camera. And Growing CONFIDENCE, a full day workshop for the DSLR user who is overwhelmed by all of those buttons. Both classes begin with instruction, and allow time for hands-on practice so you can put to use everything you learned while I am there to help you. Every student will receive a workbook with photo exercises and quick tips to take home at the end of day.





True to this workshop, time tested (and approved), we are excited to equip you on several levels of understanding your DSLR so you can capture the moments of your loved ones in difficult lighting.

The first half of the day will be focused on the topics below that you'll also take home with you in a 50 plus page, beautifully, designed workbook! The second half of the day will be hands on CONFIDENCE building as you process the full morning by doing a live photo shoot! The day will also include teaching on Me Ra Koh's philosophy of storytelling through "Refuse to Say Cheese". You will see several photo examples of work by both Janna King as well as Me Ra Koh.



A Handful of Topics to be Covered (but by all means NOT limited to!);


-8 Easy Camera Settings that Change Results Overnight!


-Understanding of Different Types of Equipment with a Special Focus on Lenses. And Most of All, How to Make Your Lens Work for YOU!


-Diving into Focus by Understanding the Plane of Focus, Central Focal Point and Depth of Field


-The Magic Three; ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed


-Janna's Formula for Shooting in Manual that Me Ra Koh Personally Trained Her In! Yes, you will leave shooting in manual too and be shocked at how easy Me Ra's method is!


-Tips to Becoming Aware of Light--Seeing like a Photographer Sees


-Deeper Awareness in How to Compose a Storytelling Photo


-How to Build Ideas for a Photo Story Before the Shoot Happens


-Quick "must have" Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot





-Every student will receive a beautifully illustrated, jam packed, 50 plus page Workbook with photo exercises, quick tips, and more!


-Upon registering for the workshop, you will also receive the award winning DVD Series (Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box) that Me Ra and Brian wrote and produced so you can start learning right now! ($70 value)





This workshop is for women only (sorry guys). It is a workshop meant to inspire women, and at the same time help them understand their DSLR cameras. But this workshop is more than a photography workshop. Janna has a heart to bring inspiration, encouragement and vision to women by building their CONFIDENCE so women can capture their most important stories of loved ones.




LEVEL: All Levels


CAMERA: DSLR (a camera that can change lenses)


LENGTH: Full Day Workshop


MEALS: Catered Lunch Included


CLASS SIZE: Limited to 10 Students for Ample One-on-One Instruction


LOCATION: Upon registration, your teacher will contact you with exercises to get your creative juices flowing, as well as the exact location!


COST: $329 per student (sign up for our newsletter to get the Early Bird Discount!



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What others are saying...

"The day with Janna was everything I hoped for–and more! She is a wonderful, patient teacher. I felt blessed to have the day with her–she is a treasure. Janna, thank you, thank you! I hope others are inspired to invest in themselves and their photography, and join you for a workshop." -Wendy, Dallas




Empower and Ignite Moms to Grow in Confidence Through the Vehicle of a Camera by Transparent Teaching and Mentoring so They May Not Only Give Voice to Their Creative Spirit but also Establish Space for Their Children to have Creative Voice while Transforming the Culture of Motherhood One Mom--One Child at a Time!